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Championship Results

2020 Championship Results

National NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Championship 2020
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Josh Berry – Champion
Peyton Sellers – 2nd Place
Ryan Millington - 3rd Place 

2020 State Championships

Top 10 State Championship Results

North Carolina
Josh Berry - Champion 
Ryan Millington - 2nd Place

South Carolina 
Ryan Glenski - 3rd Place

Nik Williams - 3rd Place
Brad Housewright - 6th Place
Bryson Dennis - 7th Place

Peyton Sellers - Champion
Brenden Queen - 3rd Place
Josh Berry - 10th Place

2020 Track Championships

Track Champions

Ace Speedway
Late Model Stock Car
Dustin Rumley 

Anderson Motor Speedway
Limited Late Model
Ryan Howard 

Dominion Raceway
Late Model Stock Car
Peyton Sellers

Hickory Speedway
Late Model Stock Car
Ryan Millington
Limited Late Model
Josh Kossek

Langley Speedway
Late Model Stock Car
Brenden Queen 

Myrtle Beach Speedway
Joe Armakovitch 

2020 Other Championships

Hickory Speedway
Paramount Kia ‘BIG 10’ Challenge
Josh Kossek


Virginia Racer

Landon Pembleton


2008 – 2019 Top 3 National Weekly Series

National NASCAR Weekly Series Champions

2017 - Lee Pulliam Champion
2016 - Matt Bowling Champion
2015 - Lee Pulliam Champion
2014 - Lee Pulliam 2nd Place
2013 – Lee Pulliam Champion, 2nd Place Deac McCaskill with Hedgecock Chassis
2012 - Lee Pulliam Champion with Hedgecock Chassis
2011 - Philip Morris Champion , 3rd Place Lee Pulliam with Hedgecock Chassis
2009 - Philip Morris Champion with Hedgecock Chassis
2008 - Philip Morris Champion with Hedgecock Chassis